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Our school was founded in 1913, the school was named for the Zunyi women's normal school, in 1951 changed its name to the second middle school of Zunyi City, is the northern Guizhou University has a long history and good reputation of a bainianlaojiao. April 2014, in the District People's government, the District Education Bureau arrangements, Zunyi City, the second secondary schools and thirteenth secondary schools in Zunyi City, after the merger of the second secondary schools in Zunyi city. In May 2014, the school passed the municipal education inspection assessment made "a good film" the results of the assessment, and was named "outstanding municipal school". In August 2015, Zunyi City, the second middle school of China Road Campus and the Nangong mountain campus for stripping, respectively, the formation of Zunyi City, the second primary and secondary schools in Zunyi City, the second high school. Zunyi City, the second high school is located through the open area in Honghuagang District, the school covers an area of 76 mu (estimated 50 acres of land), a total of 126 acres, has a staff of 249 people, more than 3500 large ordinary senior high school students. At present, the school is actively integrating resources, load forward, to bid for the "provincial demonstration of the ordinary high school" in the work.
School hardware facilities complete
The school covers an area of 76 acres (50 acres of land is expected), about 83916 square meters, 23.93 square meters per capita. The total construction area of 45150 square meters, 12.87 square meters per capita. Among them, the teaching of 7705 square meters of housing, student apartments 21474.4 square meters, 5392 square meters of dining. Otherwise, sports venues and a total of 19000 square meters, 5.41 square meters per capita. The football field 1, 4000 square meters; 6 basketball courts, 3435 square meters; volleyball field 3, 429 square meters; 7 badminton courts, 742 square meters; gymnasium 1, 3366 square meters; table 20. The existing school greening area of 7031 square meters, 2 square meters per capita.
The school has advanced equipment for the Gigabit Campus Network and remote education receiving system. Another 53 standard classrooms; 19 laboratories; 1 280 seat multi-purpose hall; 1 144 seat lecture hall; 1 more than 14 volumes of books (including the purchase of 75 thousand copies of New Library); 2 60 students reading room; 1 teachers; 1 electronic reading room otherwise, a total of 4 student apartment building 616 1 bedroom, three storey dining hall building, each floor can accommodate 900 people dining. At the same time the school will also be in the new 50 acres of land to build 2 teaching buildings; 2 student apartments; 1 office buildings; 1 library; 1 canteen building;

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